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Bishop Miller Urges Action for Gun Safety

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Monday, Cindy and I the privilege of being present when Governor Evers signed the executive order calling for a special legislative session to address Gun Violence. In particular, the governor is asking our legislators to pass two bills: one to expand current background check laws and the other to create an extreme risk protection process or red flag law. Over 80% of Wisconsin citizens support this legislation and yet this legislation has been stalled for some time.

I write you today to ask you to contact your state representative and state senator to urge them to consider this legislation that so many of our citizens’ support.

You can find the contact information for your state representative and senator here:

I, of course, hope you will support this legislation that I believe will make all of us safer by taking an important step to reduce gun violence. What is most important though is that you make your voice heard. Responsible citizenship is an important element of Christian life.

Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Steven A Miller
Bishop of Milwaukee

Standing Committee Now Accepting Names for Search Committee

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October 24, 2019
Dear Friends in Christ,
As I noted in my report at Diocesan Convention, one of the tasks of the Standing Committee with regard to the search for our next bishop is the selection of a Search Committee. 
This will be a very important job in our diocesan life, and it will entail a good deal of work. As a member of the Search Committee you will be appointed tasks, must attend meetings, and your role may involve travel to other parishes in the diocese. 
Already the Standing Committee is receiving names of those who are either themselves willing to serve or who are being suggested for this committee by others who know them. In the interest of ensuring an open process in which nominations for the Search Committee may be made, we are now open to nominations to the Search Committee. Please note, this is not an election; it is the job of the Standing Committee to appoint members to this committee. In the end, the Search Committee will be made up of 14 or 15 individuals.
Here are the requirements/information we need:
  • Name, contact information (email and phone), parish affiliation
  • Your calendar must be clear for a training retreat at DeKoven Center in Racine, January 24-25, 2020 (non-negotiable)
  • For self-nominations: what gifts or skills would make you a helpful addition to the Search Committee?
  • In the case nominating someone else: why are you nominating this person and do you have their permission?
We will close nominations on Tuesday, November 12, at noon. 
Nominations may be sent to:
Questions? Please contact Fr. Scott Leannah @ 414-379-0632 or Fr. Andy Jones @ 608-354-9903.
The Rev. Scott Leannah
Standing Committee President

172nd Diocesan Convention Election Results

Thank you to all those who joined us in Madison on Saturday for the 172nd Diocesan Convention.

The 172nd Convention of the Diocese of Milwaukee
Election Results

Diocesan Treasurer

Mr. Clyde Bachand (Church of the Holy Communion, Lake Geneva) — Unanimous Consent

Title IV Disciplinary Board

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Seth Raymond (Hospitality Center and St. Luke’s Racine) — First Ballot
Lay Order: 
Ms. Bevra Cole (Trinity, Baraboo) — First Ballot
Ms.  Sharon Henes (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — First Ballot

Executive Council

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Steve Capitelli (St. Alban’s, Sussex) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
The Rev. Pedro Lara (Christ Church, Delavan) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
The Rev. Kevin Huddleston (St. John’s, Burlington and Holy Communion, Lake Geneva) 2 Year Term — First Ballot
Lay Order:          
Ms. D’Arcy Becker (St. Andrew’s Madison) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
Mr. John N, Vogel (Trinity, Wauwatosa) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
Ms. Joan Faull ( Trinity, Mineral Point) 1 Year Term — First Ballot

Deputies to the General Convention  — 2021

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Scott Seefeldt, Clerical Chair (Zion, Oconomowoc) — First Ballot
The Rev. Pedro Lara (Christ Church, Delavan) — First Ballot
The Rev. Dr. Miranda Hassett (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — Second Ballot
The Rev. Ian  Burch (St. Mark’s, Milwaukee) — Second Ballot
Lay Order: 
Mr. John Washbush, Lay Chair (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — First Ballot
Ms. Sharon Henes (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — First Ballot
Ms. Tammy Prather (St. Bartholomew, Pewaukee) — First Ballot
Mr. William Robison (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — Second Ballot                         

Standing Committee

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Jana Troutman-Miller (St. John’s  on the Lake, Milwaukee) — Second Ballot
Lay Order: 
Mr. Marcus  White (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — First Ballot

Trustees of Funds Endowments, Inc.

The Rev. Jason Lavann (St. Luke’s Milwaukee) — Unanimous Consent
Mr. Bruce Jacobs (St. Mark’s Milwaukee) — Unanimous Consent