Safe Church

The Diocese of Milwaukee is committed to fostering communities in which its members and guests can explore their faith, exercise their ministries, and live out their vocations in safe and healthy settings. We are committed to keeping everyone safe, particularly our children and youth. 

Our diocesan policy regarding misconduct prevention and best practices is available. The policy includes our policy for best practices for Guidelines of Using Social Media and updated forms for background checks on church employees (both paid and volunteers).

Links to all Safe Church Materials and Class Registrations are found below.

Background Checks

Does your parish need to conduct background checks on lay employees or volunteers? The diocesan office assists parishes with these checks using the Oxford Document company, tailoring the background check to meet both diocesan guidelines and the particular needs of the parish.  For more information contact Ms. Patty Jaffke, diocesan office coordinator, at (414) 272-3028 ext.156 or .

Safe Church Training

Our diocese uses the Safe Church program created by Church Pension Group that helps in the education and training for preventing and responding to sexual abuse in everyday life and in ministry. It is geared to clergy, parents, youth workers, vestry members, congregation members who are responsible for protecting children and adults, employees of churches and church organizations, and volunteers responsible for planning, implementing or supervising ministries, activities or programs.

The training provides a basic understanding of the dynamics of child sexual abuse, how to recognize signs that a child may have been abused, and what to do if you have concerns about a person's behavior toward a child or youth, or if you suspect that a child or youth has been molested. It also guides you through steps you can take to prevent child sexual abuse in church and other organizational settings.

You may complete your Safe Church training either in person or online. You are no longer required to do your initial training in person. Your parish may set up a day/time to host a class in person, if desired. If you have questions, please email Deacon Terry Garner

Re-Certification is required every five years and may be completed online.

Register for Classes Now

You may print your own certificates when you complete all the online required courses.

A Day at Day Camp Online Training

This is another program put out by Church Pension Group that helps in the education and training for preventing and responding to child abuse in the church and camping ministries.

A Day at Day Camp is geared for Vacation Bible School staff, adults and youth. The diocese asks that all parishes require their VBS staff to complete this online training prior to beginning a VBS program at your parish. The link to register for this is below.

Safe Church Materials

Safe Church Manual
Quick Background Check Requirements Reference Guide

Below is information that is taken from the Safe Church Manual:
Appendix A   Computer Use and Social Media Guidelines
                   Media Use Consent Form
Appendix B   Screening Interview, Background Check Procedures, Application and References Forms
Appendix C   Authorization to Conduct a Criminal Records Check
Appendix D   Using CCAP and Milwaukee Municipal Court Internet Search Engines
Appendix E   Deviation from Best Practices Form for Use in a Parish
Appendix F   Safe Church Survey in Parish
Appendix G   Ministry Description for the Position of Safe Church Minister in a Parish
Appendix H   Resources on Mandated Reporting