Resources for Parish Leaders

Church is different and will be different as we move into 2021.


  • The COMPLETE Church Communicator’s Toolkit
    Canon Huddleston recommended this article, The COMPLETE Church Communicator's Toolkitbecause it provides several good tools to communicate to your parishioners. "Feeling overwhelmed? Too many scraps of paper? Notes jotted on the back of mail envelopes?  All of us can feel like our life is out of control, especially when guiding a parish. This article will give you some helpful tools. Use the ones that appeal and seem to be a natural fit to your style of working. "  And a note from your diocesan communications officer: I like Canon Huddleston's last sentence best. Use the tools that help you. I've used several of the ideas in the article. Some I love (Canva, Mailchimp, Google Docs, Grammarly... I'm looking at you!), some I don't know, and some I've used and not found them helpful for me. See what works best for you.
  • Special 2020 Parochial Report Form
    There is a new, special 2020 Parochial Report form now viewable on the General Convention website in English, Spanish, and French.
    Read more:
    In Spanish here:
  • Roanridge Trust Grants
    2021 Roanridge Trust grants are available for leadership development in small towns and rural communities. Applications due December 18, 2020. Dioceses, congregations and Episcopal Church-related organizations and institutions are invited to apply.
    Read more:
    In Spanish here:
  • E-News: Updated information is always in the weekly E-NEWS from the Diocese of Milwaukee. Be sure to sign up for it if you are not receiving it and be sure your vestry members sign up. If you need help signing up, contact Barb Klauber at
  • Website and Social Media: Sara Bitner, our communications officer, updates the website on a regular basis, so always check there first for the latest information. You can also find updates on our Facebook page and Instagram account.
  • COVID-19 Response: We have updated information on a regular basis regarding COVID-19 and our response. We provide these updates on our website and in the weekly E-NEWS. Be sure to check the website if you have questions. On our website, you can also find resources for using technology to create a digital space.
  • Alban Institute: The Alban Institute has a great number of resources and information about the church, including information about congregational development, finances, and technology.
  • Recommended article: Five Reasons Why 2021 Should Be a New Base Year for Your Church from the Church Answers website
  • Grants available: The Commission on Mission and Development is accepting applications for the Fall Ministry Grants. Applications are due by November 16.
  • Episcopal Church Foundation: The Episcopal Church Foundation offers many resources for vestries, especially the monthly Vestry Papers and the Vestry Resource Guide.
  • Episcopal News Service: The Episcopal News Service is the official news source for The Episcopal Church and reports on local, national, and international events and ministries.

Upcoming Events

Wardens and Treasurers Meetings: Upcoming dates and topics

  1. Thursday, December 3, at 7 pm: We will discuss Christian Formation for Children during this pandemic. The Rev. Dr. Miranda Hassett (St. Dunstan's, Madison), Jean Heffernan (Christ Church, Whitefish Bay), and Jamie Jackson (St. Christopher's, River Hills) will lead the discussion. 
  2. Thursday, December 10, at 7 pm: We will discuss how to conduct Annual Meetings at this time. The Rev. Andy Jones, the Rev. Melesa Skoglund (both from St. Andrew's, Madison) and Mark Erhmann (Chancellor) will lead the discussion. 

Links to join these meetings will be sent to all parish wardens and treasurers. If you are a parish warden or treasurer and you are not receiving these emails, please contact the diocesan office and ask to be added to the list ( ). Diocesan clergy are also most welcome to attend these sessions.

Wardens and treasurers Meetings videos

Recording from November 19, 2020 Meeting: We met via Zoom to talk about online worship — live-streaming, Zoom church, and more. The Rev. Don Fleischman, who has been producing our weekly diocesan services, and the Rev. Miranda Hassett, who has been leading her parish using Zoom, guided the conversation. 

Slides and other information from the presentations:

Why Zoom Church?
Video Editing Tools
Creating a Digital Space
Zoom chat from the meeting

Recordings from October 22, 2020 Meeting: Canon Peggy Bean and Canon Kevin Huddleston met virtually with parish wardens and treasurers. They talked about diocesan and parish roles and responsibilities. They also shared a number of resources available to parishes. All of the resources shared are listed below.

Recording from October 22, 2020 Meeting: Part 2