Finance and Administration

Diocesan Finance Office

The Finance Office of the diocese serves both clergy and congregations through assistance with forms and procedures required by the Episcopal Church offices of Finance, Transition Ministry, and General Convention, as well as the Church Pension Group. For diocesan affairs, the Finance Office monitors revenue and expenditures, monitors filing of parochial reports, and is responsible for processing the financial transactions of the diocese, including cash receipts and disbursements, diocesan payroll processing, and accounts payable and receivable. It is responsible for reporting financial data to management and to diocesan committees. It works with the diocese’s independent auditors to provide annual audited financial reports and to maintain appropriate controls to safeguard diocesan assets. It helps develop the annual diocesan budget and parish assessments.

You may reach our Finance Office by contacting Caroline Senn, financial controller, at or 414-272-3028. 

Resources for Finances: Budget and Management

If you are a clergy person or lay leader responsible for the financial management of your parish, click here to find resources to support your work. This page will provide you with information and links to resources that can help you facilitate the financial health of your parish.

Mileage reimbursement

Beginning on January 1, 2022, the standard mileage rate is 58.5 cents per mile driven, up 2.5 cents from 2021.

Policies and Resources

Manual of Business Methods (December 2019)
Diocesan Loan Policy
Records Retention Policy
Clergy Discretionary Fund Guidelines
Sample Housing Resolution
Health Savings Account Funding 2020

Statements and Assessments

Diocesan Budget & Assessments 2020
Diocesan Budget & Assessments 2019

Trustees of funds and endowments

Trustees of Funds and Endowments, Inc. (TFE) is a separate affiliated organization of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. It exists to promote the financial growth and stability of parishes and other organizations within the diocese. Its vision is as follows:

"Our vision is to create the financial basis for Episcopal parishes and individuals to live their Baptism and allow future generations to flourish with thriving, sustainable parishes. We partner with local parishes, ministries, and individuals in realizing their vision for ministry, now and in the future."

To subscribe to the TFE newsletter, please click here. For more information or to contact TFE, please call  (262) 902-5901 or email .

The Good Steward

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