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Companion Diocese of Newala: Progress on St Mary’s Newala Pre and Primary School

Here is the new sign for the school that was reported in the Diomil ENews last December. In brief summary, the CMM Sisters have had a daycare since 1982. That has expanded to a middle and upper preschool. Then came the Standard One class and the Standard Five class which will open this spring. They plan on expanding through Standard Seven in 2025. Please refer to our report in the December 1 newsletter to review the school’s record and success.

So the expansion construction continues as pictured above. Much has been accomplished and much needs to be done. To support projects in our Companion Diocese of Newala, you can send checks to the diocese with “Newala ” in the notation line or you can donate online with the diocesan website by clicking on the donate button and choosing “Newala” from the drop-down menu.

The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee
804 East Juneau
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Neil Radtke
The Rev. Oswald Bwechwa

Companion Diocese Committee Members

P.S. Are you looking for a “small” Newala project? The Sisters CMM lost their cow due to stomach cancer. Cows are a much-needed commodity. Much work has been done investigating the best breed. Some of the best milkers don’t survive the local diseases and pests. It is a work in progress.

A cow would cost about $1,200.00. Any amount toward this would be appreciated.

The Freed Slave Settlement at Masasi by R.M. Heanley, 1888

The following is the Black History of the Diocese of Masasi/Newala. Remember that the Newala diocese, founded in 2009 is the eastern half of the original Diocese of Masasi. Masasi was founded by the work of Bishop Edward Steere, 55 freed slaves, and a working traveling crew. The slaves had been freed in Zanzibar in 1876.

Freed Slave Settlement at Masasi, Chapter XII

Christ Church, pictured above, is located at the old slave market. According to Wikipedia, “The altar is said to be in the exact place where the main 'whipping post' of the market used to be." This is also pictured above. Both pictures taken by me in 1968.

Neil Radtke

Letter from Trialogue Task Force

Dear friends in Christ:

We are in an exciting moment as Episcopalians in Wisconsin. We hope you have heard something about the Trialogue, conversations taking place among Episcopalians across the state about the future shape of the Episcopal Church here. These conversations are broad and open-ended as we explore how we might collaborate throughout the state in ministry and mission, witnessing to the Good News of Jesus Christ. We hope to envision and embody new ways of being together as Wisconsin Episcopalians. In the book of Acts, the disciples found themselves moved and inspired by the Holy Spirit to cross boundaries between Jew and Gentile, to carry the gospel into all the world. So too are we being challenged by the Holy Spirit to embark on a new journey.

Such journeys take us into uncharted territory, leaving the comforts of home, the past, and tradition behind. As we explore these new relationships there is considerable uncertainty as well as excitement, fear alongside hope.

 The “Parish and Regional Engagement Task Force” is one of seven task forces participating in the Trialogue. We are reaching out to Episcopalians across the state to listen and learn, to hear your questions and concerns, your hopes and dreams. To that end, in the coming weeks, our task force will contact every congregation in all three dioceses to solicit your feedback, your questions, concerns, and anxieties about the Trialogue and about the future of the Episcopal Church in Wisconsin. We look forward to hearing from you and to serve as a conduit sharing your questions, your hopes and fears with the other task forces and with the Steering Committee.

In the name of Christ,

The Rev. Dcn. Paul Aparicio, Diocese of Fond du Lac, co-facilitator
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Grieser, Diocese of Milwaukee, co-facilitator
Bevra Cole, Diocese of Milwaukee
Tim Donahue, Diocese of Eau Claire
The Rev. Julie Hendrix, Diocese of Fond du Lac
Edie McDougal, Diocese of Eau Claire
The Rev. Dcn. Steve Russell, Diocese of Eau Claire
The Rev. Joanne Skidmore, Diocese of Fond du Lac

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