Policies and Procedures

As ordained members of The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Milwaukee, clergy are subject to various policies, statements of principle, guidelines, procedures, and directives issued or instituted by the Bishop of Milwaukee, the governing bodies of the diocese, the General Convention, and other church institutions. Some are of limited application and authority, such as guidelines on the use of social media, while others are more far-reaching such as the constitution and canons of the diocese and The Episcopal Church, and pastoral directives from the bishop.

The links below concern policies and procedures particular to the clergy of this diocese.


Background Checks and Training Requirements
Clergy Discipline/Title IV Canons
Sample Clergy Housing Resolution
Safe Church Training
Parental Leave Policy (Effective June 2016)

Clergy Misconduct Intake Officers

All complaints of clergy misconduct should go directly to the intake officer.

The Rev. Debra Trakel (Intake Officer)