Standing Committee

The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the bishop, and in the case of a vacancy in the office of bishop, the committee assumes the role of ecclesiastical authority. Other duties include issuing consent to the election of bishops of other dioceses, and to the reunion of dioceses; and the certification of ordination of deacons and priests.

The structure and responsibilities of the Standing Committee are specified in the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese:

Article XIII. Of the Standing Committee

SECTION 1. The Convention shall elect by ballot a Standing Committee to consist of four Priests, members of the Convention, and four Laypeople, adult communicants in good standing of the Church in the Diocese. The priests and lay members shall be elected to staggered four-year terms. At each Annual Convention, one Clerical and one Lay Member shall be elected to hold office until the fourth succeeding Annual Convention. Retiring members of the Standing Committee may not be elected to the Standing Committee for a period of one year. No person who is a Postulant or Candidate for Holy Orders shall be eligible for membership on the Standing Committee.

SECTION 2. The Standing Committee shall, at its first meeting, choose a President and a Secretary from among its members. At any meeting, all of the members being duly summoned, a majority of the members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum and a majority of those present at which a quorum exists shall be competent to act, unless a greater number for quorum or action is required by this Constitution or any Canon of the General Convention or this Diocese.

SECTION 3. The Secretary shall record all of the proceedings of the Committee. All records shall be subject to the inspection of the Bishop and of the Convention. The Secretary shall also prepare, and present to the Convention, a report of all the official acts and expenditures of the Committee during the previous fiscal year.

SECTION 4. In the case of death, resignation or removal of a member of the Committee, the Bishop shall fill the vacancy by appointment until the next meeting of the Convention at which time the vacancy shall be filled by election for the unexpired term.  




Class of 2024

Ms. Margaret Done
St. Thomas of Canterbury, Greendale

The Rev. Dave Mowers (President)
Trinity, Baraboo and St. John the Baptist, Portage

Class of 2025

The Rev. Melesa Skoglund
St. Andrew's, Madison

Ms. Jan Watter
St. Bartholomew's, Pewaukee

Class of 2026

Mr. Gregory B. Bell
Christ Church, Whitefish Bay

The Rev. Terry Garner
St. Boniface, Mequon

Class of 2027

The Rev. Miranda Hassett
St. Dunstan's, Madison

Mr. Tom Schlaefer
St. Aidan’s, Hartford


Mark Ehrmann, Esq. (Chancellor)

Standing Committee Minutes