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Update from the Commission on Creation Care: March 2022

The Commission on Creation Care has met for three months and meets again Thursday, April 14, at 1 pm via Zoom. We are moving forward in two ways:

  • By studying with Rev. Dr. Collin Cornell of the Center for Religion and Environment   
  • By forming small groups to establish resources to use throughout the parishes of the diocese.

 The group has many subcommittees which focus on caring for creation and reducing our carbon footprint AND which need members:  

  • Worship and Theology  
  • Environment (land, water, or air)
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Church Buildings - taking advantage of energy savings
  • Church Grounds - preparing our grounds to care for human and non-human neighbors
  • Alternative Energy (including solar)
  • Advocacy 

If you would be interested in joining this mission, please let us know by emailing .

Deacon Gregg Schneider (Beloit) is convener. Jane Stenson (Mineral Point) is clerk. Susan Adams (Beloit) and Susan Gillespie (Beloit) serve as librarians. The librarians will maintain the commission's materials and resources.