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Daily Advent Reflections Available

Advent is a time when we wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As we prepare for the Christ-child, we would like to offer you reflections to help you enter into the beauty and splendor of this glorious season. This year we have collected reflections based on the Daily Office readings from people, both lay and clergy, across the diocese.

These reflections are available to you in three different ways: 

1. For those who wish to have things printed off, we have a pdf of all the reflections for you. You may also make copies of the reflections available for people in your parish who do not have electronic access.

2. If you prefer to get an email with the day's reflection sent to you, you can sign up for that here. We just need your name and email address. I will then send you an email with the reflection each morning. 

3. Each day's reflection will be posted on a blog on our website. You can access that here.

A special thank-you to Mother Mindy Valentine Davis for compiling all the reflections. I'm so delighted that we have so many different voices represented for the Advent season. 

Wishing you a blessed Advent season!

~Sara Bitner, Communications Officer

Call for Submissions: Daily Advent Reflections 2020

As a diocese, we are pulling together a resource of Daily Advent Reflections for 2020. We would like to have as many churches represented as possible. We ask that these daily reflections be 500-800 words and based on the Daily Office readings. Clergy or talented laypeople are invited to write a reflection. We will be publishing this resource in two ways. First, we will make a pdf file available that contains all of the reflections for those who do not have electronic access or prefer paper copies. Individual churches would be responsible for printing and sending to their shut-ins or those without technology. Second, we will be able to send these reflections out daily by email. Individuals or churches will subscribe to receive the emails. If your church would commit to submitting a reflection, please fill out the form here by October 15. We will assign dates for the reflections by October 20 and the end products will be due for light editing and compilation by November 5. If you have questions, please contact Rev. Mindy Valentine Davis at  .