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Community Meal Program at St. Peter's, West Allis ⁠— Going Strong for 30 Years!

This is the 30th year (or so) of the Community Meal Program at our parish, St. Peter's, West Allis. Its success is a result of passionate leaders, an ecumenical group of neighborhood volunteers, support from Feeding America and Thrivent Financial, and contributions from St. Peter's laity and guests.

St. Peter's Community Meal and Food Program has increased in scope and frequency over the years, serving thousands in the process. We serve guests a sit-down meal upon arrival and offer them a chance to "shop" through food pantry items which they can take home in St. Peter's branded reusable grocery bags that are also provided.

St. Peter's is in the process of expanding on its outreach and hospitality model, piloting an informal derivative that will be hosted one Sunday a month, prior to the scheduled Eucharist.  It's a work in progress, but isn't everything?   

Steve Elliott
Senior Warden
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
West Allis

Photo credit: Karen Buker