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Update on the Haiti Partnership

To the Diocese of Milwaukee | The Haiti Partnership

“For we are God’s servants, working together …”
1 Corinthians 3:9

Dear Friends,

For over forty years, we have been in a loving and life-changing relationship with our sisters and brothers in Haiti. Our support of the school, medical clinic, and church of St. Marc in Jeanette has been a gift of God to many, many people in our diocese, and to our friends there. Over the past year in particular, we have been in the process of evaluating the way we engage in this work and considering ways in which we might make it even more effective. With the leadership of our Standing Committee and Executive Council, we have now recommitted ourselves to this partnership by strengthening our relationship with a trusted agency on the ground in Haiti and by making the oversight of our efforts a key priority for the Office of the Bishop.

The challenges in Haiti are many, both in the church and in the wider society. We regularly receive news reports about the chaos and violence in the country, and it remains impossible for us to make face-to-face visits with our sisters and brothers there. You may well see reports of the rising power of gangs in the country and even accusations of corruption within the ranks of the clergy. We are acutely aware of these realities on the ground and they have driven our decision to change the way we support our partners in Jeannette.

At our diocesan convention this year, we will share the details of our renewed commitment to this work. Please watch for more details in Diomil ENews and on our website. We want to sum up our partnership by calling it exactly that — the Haiti Partnership. Our goal is to strengthen the sustainability of our support, to build on relationships we already have in Jeannette in ways that will empower their self-sufficiency to the greatest degree possible, and to broaden support for the Haiti Partnership among members of our diocese and beyond.

St. Paul reminded the Corinthians that we are all members of One Body and that together we accomplish the work God gives us to do. May this partnership, so long a project of our common life in this diocese, grow and flourish for the welfare of the whole church.

In Christ,

The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
Bishop Provisional of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee