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Special Convention Today

As Bishop Miller announced last month, this afternoon at 4 pm, there will be a Special Convention for the sole item for consideration: amending the canons to allow us to hold our fall Diocesan Convention by virtual or electronic means.

All are invited to watch the live stream of the convention on our website, on our YouTube page, or on our Facebook page.

Only those who registered to attend the Special Convention by last Thursday will be permitted to attend the convention in person. Please see the Diocesan Convention page of our website for more information.

172nd Diocesan Convention Election Results

Thank you to all those who joined us in Madison on Saturday for the 172nd Diocesan Convention.

The 172nd Convention of the Diocese of Milwaukee
Election Results

Diocesan Treasurer

Mr. Clyde Bachand (Church of the Holy Communion, Lake Geneva) — Unanimous Consent

Title IV Disciplinary Board

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Seth Raymond (Hospitality Center and St. Luke’s Racine) — First Ballot
Lay Order: 
Ms. Bevra Cole (Trinity, Baraboo) — First Ballot
Ms.  Sharon Henes (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — First Ballot

Executive Council

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Steve Capitelli (St. Alban’s, Sussex) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
The Rev. Pedro Lara (Christ Church, Delavan) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
The Rev. Kevin Huddleston (St. John’s, Burlington and Holy Communion, Lake Geneva) 2 Year Term — First Ballot
Lay Order:          
Ms. D’Arcy Becker (St. Andrew’s Madison) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
Mr. John N, Vogel (Trinity, Wauwatosa) 3 Year Term — First Ballot
Ms. Joan Faull ( Trinity, Mineral Point) 1 Year Term — First Ballot

Deputies to the General Convention  — 2021

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Scott Seefeldt, Clerical Chair (Zion, Oconomowoc) — First Ballot
The Rev. Pedro Lara (Christ Church, Delavan) — First Ballot
The Rev. Dr. Miranda Hassett (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — Second Ballot
The Rev. Ian  Burch (St. Mark’s, Milwaukee) — Second Ballot
Lay Order: 
Mr. John Washbush, Lay Chair (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — First Ballot
Ms. Sharon Henes (St. Dunstan’s, Madison) — First Ballot
Ms. Tammy Prather (St. Bartholomew, Pewaukee) — First Ballot
Mr. William Robison (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — Second Ballot                         

Standing Committee

Clerical Order: 
The Rev. Jana Troutman-Miller (St. John’s  on the Lake, Milwaukee) — Second Ballot
Lay Order: 
Mr. Marcus  White (Trinity, Wauwatosa) — First Ballot

Trustees of Funds Endowments, Inc.

The Rev. Jason Lavann (St. Luke’s Milwaukee) — Unanimous Consent
Mr. Bruce Jacobs (St. Mark’s Milwaukee) — Unanimous Consent      

172nd Diocesan Convention Appointments


Mr. Stuart Parsons, Esq.

Ms. Elizabeth A. Orelup, Esq.
Mr. Mark Ehrmann, Esq.

The Rev. Steven A. Peay, Ph.D.
Randy Miller, Ph.D.
Christopher Paulson
Jason Loch

Mr. John Washbush

Commission on Ministry      
The Rev. Ian Burch
The Rev. Dustin Fecht
The Rev. Nancy Hills 
The Rev. Dr. Kevin Huddleston
The Rev. Pippa Lindwright
Ms. Jen Vettrus
Mr. Peter Luisi-Mills
Ms. Ashley Humphrey
Ms. Mary Thickens    

St. Francis House Episcopal Student Center
The Rev. Andy Jones
Ms. Debra Martinez
Ms. Sharon Henes
The Rev. Brian Backstrand
Ms. Leanne Puglielli
Mr. Mark Koch (Treasurer)
The Rev. Bill Dunlop