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Creating a Digital Space

In this new pandemic world, all of us have been struggling to find new ways for our parishioners to worship and engage in fellowship. From our conversations with you, it has become apparent that these formats will become a permanent feature of our ministry, even after the COVID contingencies are over.

 We think that this is a good time to step back and consider what the range of options are for creating a digital space for your parish. Whatever it is that you are doing now, we would like to offer you an in-depth guide from folks who are experts not only in the technical aspects, but also the areas of worship and pastoral leadership. The Rev. Don Fleischman and John Washbush, who have produced our diocesan Sunday worship services, will be your guides through this wilderness. They also have used the equipment suggested and can help with specific questions you may have.

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Our Digital Parish: Conversation Questions

You may fill out a paper application for aid, scan it, and email it to Canon Peggy Bean or you may fill out an application online.

Here's an idea for a grant request:

St. Luke’s, Milwaukee was a recent recipient of a technology grant from COMD that is helping us expand our reach into our parish and larger community! One of the most exciting upgrades the grant allowed us to make was the purchase of a Mesh WiFi system. Mesh WiFi consists of a main router that connects directly to your modem, and a series of satellite modules, or nodes, placed around your building for full WiFi coverage. They are all part of a single wireless network and share the same SSID and password, unlike traditional WiFi routers. For a little over $200, we were able to wirelessly provide a strong signal to our entire complex, which is large and has plenty of concrete walls. If you are looking for a fairly inexpensive and easy way to add WiFi to your church building, I would strongly recommend considering a Mesh WiFi system.

~Fr. Jason Lavann

If you have any questions about the mesh system that St. Luke's is using, please contact us at  and we'll put you in touch with Fr. Jason Lavann.