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Bishop Miller Speaks at Rally for Wisconsin Gun Safety Bills

"We are here, as Episcopalians, because we believe in the dignity of every human being. And the dignity of every human being includes keeping people safe." ~Bishop Steven A. Miller

Wisconson governor Tony Evers called a special legislative session to address Gun Violence. In particular, the governor was asking legislators to pass two bills: one to expand current background check laws and the other to create an extreme risk protection process or red flag law. According to a Marquette Law School pool, over 80% of Wisconsin citizens support this legislation and yet this legislation has been stalled for some time.

Bishop Miller, a convenor of Bishops United Against Gun Violence and member of the 80% Coalitionspoke at a news conference yesterday morning at the Capitol demanding that Wisconsin legislative leaders allow a vote on the gun violence proposals. His speech begins around the three-minute mark. He also spoke with WFDL yesterday morning ahead of the rally yesterday.

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