Haiti Project

The Haiti Project is an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. We partner with others from all walks of life who share the belief that education, clean water, access to medicine, and compassion are basic human necessities.

The Haiti Project has been working in partnership with a small rural community called Jeannette. Jeannette is located in the southwestern peninsula of Haiti about 70 miles west of the capital, Port-au-Prince.  Like many rural regions, Jeannette is more of an area than an actual town— consisting of five zones, best described as neighborhoods. The economy is primarily based on agriculture, with many families growing their own food.

Since 1986, enduring relationships have grown between leaders in Haiti Project and the people of Jeannette. An authentic partnership is one of mutual respect and listening to one another’s needs. The Haiti Project strives to follow the Anglican Communion’s Ten Principles of Partnership which includes local initiative; mutuality; responsible stewardship; interdependence; cross-fertilization; integrity; transparency; solidarity; meeting together; and acting ecumenically. To that end, the Haiti Project has weekly communications with the priest-in-charge of St. Marc’s Parish and on visits to Jeannette, Haiti Project leaders meet with teachers and other community members to assess priorities and needs.


Haiti Project
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