Collars on the Corner

Collars on the Corner is a ministry of presence and prayer that helps us all as a community grow in faith and that reaches out into the world.

Collars on the Corner started when Deacons Kevin Stewart (Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee) and Jim Banach (Archdiocese of Milwaukee) went to the corner of 51st and Center Street in Milwaukee on September 3, 2016. They went to a street corner to extend a hand of friendship, to offer a listening ear and to speak an encouraging word to those they met. They distributed bottles of water and they prayed with some while others placed prayer requests in a prayer box.

Since then, they continue to be on street corners, at community events, and prayer boxes are currently stationed at locations in multiple municipalities. Prayer requests are regularly collected from prayer boxes, typed, and electronically distributed to prayer chain members.

Collars on the Corner perhaps is best understood as expressed by others. Here are some examples:

Robert submitted a prayer request for healing for his broken heart.

A child submitted a prayer request, which read: I want mommy to get well and feel better.

The owner of a laundromat wrote: There has been a lot of positive talk among the customers about the boxes. Great idea!

A member of the prayer chain wrote: Collars on the Corner is not only assisting those who are placing prayers, those who are ministered to on the spot, but for those who are called to pray. I now spend much quiet time in the day in prayer.

A community member stated: It’s a great way to help us all as a community grow in faith.

Another community member wrote: It is a ministry that helps us reach out into the world and I think that is pretty important. 


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