Leadership and Ministry Development

From the very beginning of his ministry, Jesus engaged in the recruitment and development of disciples for spreading the Good News among the people of Israel and eventually to all corners of the world. His approach was deceptively simple: calling to fishermen, a tax collector, a hairdresser, and other ordinary folks he encountered, with the simple declaration: “Follow me.” And though he sent them out on the byways with little more than the clothes on their backs, he instilled in them the principles of discipleship through his teaching and his action. He did not make light of the challenges and dangers facing the disciples—or the cost they would incur. But through his courage and commitment to reuniting all humanity with God and each other and restoring the Kingdom of God, he inspired confidence and devotion to the same mission in them.

Prayer, study, and praxis continue to be the foundations of our work to develop ministry and leaders in the church today. Our tools and procedures may be more complex, but the goals we strive for are much the same: developing effective leaders and ministers of the Gospel.

For clergy, this work takes place in structured programs like the Church Development Institute, Fresh Start, seminars and consultations through the Alban Institute, Credo Institute conferences, and Clergy Day gatherings; and more informally through collegial networks and fellowship opportunities at Convocation and Diocesan Convention. Additional opportunities for spiritual and vocational development are available through the Commission on Ministry and the Commission on Ministry and Development.


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