Health and Life Insurance

The Diocese offers health and life insurance. All employees working 20 hours or more a week are eligible for these benefits. Enrollment must occur with new employees within the first 30 days of employment. The available plan fact sheets and premium sheet are below. Please contact Patty Jaffke at 414-272-3028 ext. 156 to discuss your needs.

Employees who have had a major life change are also eligible to enroll in one of these plans within the first 30 days of the event. Contact Patty Jaffke immediately for further information.

Forms and document PDF files require Adobe Reader



2017 Anthem PPO Handbook
2017 Consumer-Directed Health Plan Handbook
2017 Dental Plan
2017 Prescription Drug Benefits
2017 Employee Enrollment Form
2017 EPO 90 Plan Document Handbook
Anthem Consumer-Directed Health Plan 20 Handbook
Anthem 2017 CDHP Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Network Access Instructions
2017 IRS HSA Limits
2017 Consumer Directed Health Plan Info
2017 Dental/Orthodontia Plan Summary
2017 Open Enrollment Rates
Anthem PPO 90/70 Plan Summary
Anthem EPO 90 Plan Summary
Anthem CDHP 20 Summary
Healthcare Compliance Notices


Life Insurance

Beneficiary Form
Longterm Disability Plan
Group Life, Accidental Death Policy
Unum Life and Accidental Death Enrollment


Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance and Work/Life Support Program for Clergy
Health Advocate 2017
100 Reasons to Call the Employee Assistance Program
Medical and Security Assistance and Evacuation
Employee Assistance and Work/Life Support Program for Lay Employees


We're working on the Retiree Insurance section below (April 6 through April 10), if you need information with Retiree Insurance, please contact Patty Jaffke at 414-272-3028 ext. 156 for the most accurate and up-to-date information. We'll have everything in place by Monday afternoon. Thank you for your understanding.

Retiree Insurance

Medicare Supplement Health Plan: Clergy Plans
Medicare Supplement Health Plan: Handbook
Medicare Supplement Plan Premiums
Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Subsidy
Medicare Supplement Health Plan: Drug Coverage
Anthem 70 Silver PPO Plan
Anthem 70 Silver PPO Handbook