All baptized members, be they lay persons or clergy, are ministers of the church. All are charged with representing Christ and his Church, and all have responsibility for the church’s life, work and governance. For clergy, as for lay persons, there are specific roles and functions for carrying out this charge. Bishops serve as apostles and chief pastors of a diocese, and guard and guide the church’s faith, unity and discipline. Priests serve as pastors to the people, primarily through the administration of the sacraments, and also assist the bishop in the oversight of the church. Deacons serve those in need, and share with bishops and priests in the administration of sacraments and the proclamation of the Gospel.

Chasuble and Stole - A chasuble and stole,...

Clergy in the Diocese of Milwaukee fulfill this charge in a variety of roles and settings. Some exercise pastoral leadership of a congregation, some serve on the bishop’s staff or the staff of a diocesan ministry, some use their gifts in various helping professions, some carry out ministry through secular employment, and some continue to serve the church after retirement.

Maintaining close connections with a clergy community numbering nearly 200 and spread across southern Wisconsin is a primary concern for the bishop. Personal interaction is achieved through frequent clergy days and congregational visits. Communication tools such as the weekly E-News email newsletter, a monthly news bulletin for the clergy, the clergy Facebook group and the bishop’s blog further enhance this sense of shared purpose and identity.

Developing and advancing gifted pastoral leaders is another key priority for the bishop. Among the resources available to clergy are the Church Development Institute, Fresh Start for clergy entering new calls and ministry, and continuing education opportunities.

Clergy in the diocese should also be familiar with and adhere to the Policies and Procedures that protect them and their congregations.

“As a staff we work hard to bring faithful, energetic, and hardworking priests to this diocese and to continue to equip and empower all our clergy. I am privileged to serve with some of the finest and most dedicated priests and deacons in The Episcopal Church.”

~Bishop Steven Miller, 2010 Convention Address

Important Calendar Dates for Clergy

 1. The Chrismal Mass will be on Tuesday, April 16, at 11 a.m, at All Saints' Cathedral. 
2. We've set the two Clergy Days for 2019: Thursday, May 9, and Thursday, September 12. Location and topic information will be announced later. Please mark them on your calendar.

We've also got a clergy continuing education event coming up this spring, The New Media Landscape: A New Context for Preaching. Learn more information about this offering and register for it here.

Lent Worship Ideas

Compiled by the Rev. Miranda Hassett, St. Dunstan’s, Madison, in consultation with Bishop Steven Miller and the Rev. Brad Toebben

At the General Convention of the Episcopal Church in the summer of 2018, the Church adopted Resolution A068, “A Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer,” which among other things asks the Bishops of our church to encourage liturgical exploration among worshiping communities, and to convene a liturgical commission in each diocese to “collect, reflect, teach [about], and share” liturgical resources and options within and beyond the diocese.

Our Liturgical Commission is still taking shape, but as a first step, we are encouraging worshiping communities within the Diocese of Milwaukee to familiarize yourselves with the breadth of liturgical and musical resources already available to you, and think about how you might use them to give the upcoming season of Lent a distinctive character and tone. If you already have ways you set Lent apart in your parish that aren’t listed here, like special decorations, music, or other local customs, we’d love to hear about them! (Likewise any ideas for Easter Season that you’d like to share!)

We will be inviting reflections on what you used in your Lenten liturgy, and how it served the worship of your community. Look for a simple email survey after Easter!

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