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The Executive Council carries out the policies and programs adopted by the annual Diocesan Convention; oversees the financial affairs of the diocese, including clergy and staff compensation standards, contracts, leases, loans, mortgages, property conveyance, and budget preparation; receives reports from various boards, committees, agencies, and offices; and makes long-range policy and program recommendations to Diocesan Convention.

The Executive Council is composed of the bishop who serves as president of Council; the executive secretary of the diocese who serves as secretary of Council; and the diocesan treasurer who serves as the council’s treasurer; and six clergy and six lay members, who are elected to staggered terms by Diocesan Convention.

See the Constitution and Canons for a further description of the Council’s duties and membership.

In 2012 the Executive Council began building the framework for a long-range strategic planning process by forming a partnership with the Episcopal Church Foundation for designing the process.  As noted by Canon to the Ordinary David Pfaff in his report to Council:  “. . . the time is now to undertake a significant study of the diocese—its deficits, liabilities, challenges and points of weakness, along with its assets, strengths, opportunities and considerable human resources and potential, to discern how its ministry might be most faithfully shaped for the next three to five years, what measurable outcomes might help us to stay on that task, and what kinds of resources are or will be needed for the short and long-term work of whatever it is that God is calling us to be, as the Episcopal Church in the southern third of Wisconsin.”

Contact Information

You can reach the Executive Council by contacting the Rev. Marge Kiss, Executive Secretary, at  . You may also want to get in touch the following members serving as contact persons for certain areas:

Finance Committee: Clyde Bachand

Global Reconciliation Commission: Carol Smith

Commission on Mission and Development: Peggy Bean

Professional Standards: Jan Merkt

2013 Strategic Planning Task Force Report 



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