Bishop Steven Miller's sermon at the 171st Diocesan Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee.

Because people live for Christ, all are welcome because in Christ God is making a family of people from every language and nation. Now more than ever our world needs this proclamation not just in word but in deed.

Ash Wednesday meditation 2018

Christ is Risen! Jesus is alive today! That is the proclamation of our faith. Christ is Risen and in his rising the end of death begins. As the apostle Paul writes in his First letter to the Corinthians, "The last enemy to be destroyed is death." (I Cor. 15:26).

Sacred Memory: Lenten message from Bishop Miller

For the Christian to live in God’s now is to put on Christ as Paul writes in the letter to the Romans that inspired today’s collect. It is to know in the words of the Apostle that I no longer live but Christ now lives in me. “Christ is my only head, My alone only heart and breast, My only music, striking me e’en dead ; That to the old man I may rest, And be in Him new drest.” Because Christ is God’s, Christ is God incarnate, God present, God immanent. And God lives in a timeless now.

Bishop Steven Miller addressed the 163rd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Milwaukee October 9, 2010. He focused on the exciting and meaningful ways people throughout the diocese were engaging mission.

Bishop Steven Miller delivered his pastoral address to the 165th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Milwaukee on October 15, 2012 at the Racine Convention Center. He highlighted "To discern that which is holding us back from embracing God’s mission and ask for grace upon grace to let those things go. To behold the new life God places in our midst and ask for grace upon grace to receive that new life, accept it and embrace it."