Bishop's Response to Standing Committee Report on Blessing of Same Gender Marriages 2014

07.11.14 | News | by Barbara Klauber

    In the summer of 2013 the Diocese of Milwaukee Standing Committee accepted a charge by Bishop Miller that asked them, acting in their role as a council of advice, to seek a 'generous, pastoral liturgical' response to couples asking to have their same-gender marriages blessed. After conducting a survey, reviewing the more than 500 pages of input the survey generated, the Standing Committee has issued a report to Bishop Miller on their findings and has made recommendations, as well.
    Hard copies of the report were mailed to the parishes of the diocese c/o priest in charge.  The report, at Bishop Miller's direction, has also been e-mailed to parishes and clergy of the diocese and shared with the diocese at large by this website posting and via a link to this post in the diocese's weekly electronic newsletter, The E-NEWS, which  all members of the diocese may elect to receive. Click HERE to read the report and the cover letter from the Standing Committee.

    On August 29, 2014 Bishop Miller issued his response to the Standing Committee's Report and e-mailed it to clergy of the diocese.  Bishop Miller's response can be read HERE