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2018 Sustainable Development Grants available -- apply now!

2/15/18 | News | by Barbara Klauber


    Since 2006 our diocese has allocated 0.7% of the annual diocesan budget to support work done to achieve the MDGs and now the SDGs which build on the achievements of the MDGs.  We contribute not only to the diocesan sponsored missions, but also to projects of individual parishes.  In 2017, SDG funds were sent to 3 projects : medical training for clinicians in  Newala Tanzania;  equipment for St. Marc’s Medical Clinic in Jeannette, Haiti;  and the Liberian Assistance Program, a project of the ECW at Grace Church, Madison.

    It’s time again to consider distribution of the 0.7%  ($5752 this year) to projects that work toward  the achievement of the SDGs.  If your parish or a group within your parish is supporting a a project that extends help to “the poorest on earth”  you can apply for a grant from the SDG funds.

    For more information, please see our Letter to Parishes or contact Deacon Carol Smith at (608) 230-6888 or .