Diocesan Convention

The annual Convention is where members of the diocesan community gather to conduct the business of the diocese, strengthen fellowship, equip and expand their capacity for ministry, and renew their faith through prayer and worship.

The annual Convention and special conventions are convened by the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese, usually the bishop, or in the absence of a bishop, by the Standing Committee. Each parish of the diocese is entitled to appoint up to four lay deputies to serve as members of the Convention. All clergy canonically resident in the diocese, and in good standing, are considered members of Convention.

Occasionally Special Conventions are convened to address a matter of critical consequence to the life, work and health of the diocese; or to elect a bishop.

The principal business of the Convention is to address legislation and resolutions, elect officers of Convention, and members and representatives of canonical bodies, establish the assessment for funding the diocesan budget, and adopting a budget for the coming year. The bishop, who serves as president of Convention, gives his report on the state of the diocese in his pastoral address.

Formation and education are an integral part of Convention through workshops, presentations, exhibits, and networking. A program, speaker, or new initiative is often highlighted during the business sessions, and ministry celebrated through the presentation of the Bishop’s Shield award to persons who given exemplary service to their churches and communities.

Prayer and worship undergird all aspects of Convention, most notably through the Convention Eucharist. 

2019 Diocesan Convention

The 172nd Diocesan Convention will be on Saturday, October 19, 2019 at the Madison Marriott West Hotel. The specific times to be announced.

2018 Diocesan Convention

The 171st Diocesan Convention took place at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, Delafield, on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018. 

Convention-related documents, reports, and forms are listed below.

Convention Minutes and Results

Minutes of the  2018 Convention (draft)
Bishop's Sermon to the 171st Diocesan Convention
Photo Gallery
Election Results

Registration Information and Materials

Instructions for Clergy, Lay Deputies & Visitors to 2018 Convention
Convention Schedule 2018 
Pre-Convention Meetings in Convocations Schedule for 2018
Map of Convention Site (St. John's Northwestern Military Academy)
Proposed 2019 Budget for Diocese of Milwaukee
Nominations with Bios for Elected Positions 2018 Convention
Resolutions for Consideration at 2018 Convention
Minutes of 2017 Diocesan Convention (Draft)
Deputy Registration Form (for Clergy and Lay Deputies)
Visitor Registration Form (for all non-deputies attending Convention)
General Information on the October 13, 2018 Convention 
Diocese of Cuba - Clergy Pension Gap
Nomination Form
Description of Positions to be Elected
Information for Submitting Resolutions
Convention Flyer
Diomil Reads Flyer


August 9, 2018

At this year's Diocesan Convention, you will be voting on a proposed resolution to approve a new canon, Canon 8 — “Of Parish Status and Oversight.”

It is Bishop Miller’s hope that you will familiarize yourself with the proposed canon, be ready to discuss it, and vote on it. In order to help you with that, we are sharing the proposed canon with you now, and we’ve prepared an FAQ to answer some basic questions. Those who have attended other Diocesan Conventions know that we’ve been working on this proposed canon for several years. We’d like to resolve this. By coming prepared, you will help us achieve this result.

Please review the following:

  • Canon 8 (includes an introduction from the Very Rev. Dr. Steven Peay and a glossary at the back)
  • Canon 8 FAQ

If you have any questions, please contact:

The Rev. Scott Leannah ( ), co-chair
Bill Robison ( ), co-chair
The Rev. David Simmons ( ), President of the Standing Committee and member of the Commission

2017 Diocesan Convention 

On October 14, 2017, the Diocese of Milwaukee held its 170th Annual Convention at St. John's Northwest Military Academy (SJNMA) in Delafield, Wisconsin. See links below for photos, election results and official minutes of the meeting.

Minutes of 2017 Convention (draft)
Election Results 
Photos from 2017 Diocesan Convention
2017 Diocesan Convention Information 
Nominations with Bios
Diocesan Budget for 2018 (proposed)  
Report of Task Force on Canon 28


Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee (Revised October 2018)