From Bishop Steven A. Miller

In his Bishop Steven Miller addressing Diocesan Conventionrole as chief pastor, teacher and guardian of the faith, the bishop shares his vision, hopes, and concerns for the diocese through his sermons, reflections, and pastoral addresses. His communication happens in the course of his Sunday visits to congregations where he serves as preacher and presider, in his periodic messages to the diocese posted on the website and in the email newsletter, in his occasional postings to the Bishop's Blog, and in his addresses to Diocesan Convention and other significant gatherings.

Bishop Miller may be contacted at  or at the Diocese of Milwaukee office, (414) 272-3028 ext. 154.


Audio Recordings of Bishop Miller's Sermons


The Bishop calls special attention to his two in-depth statements on the rite for the blessing of same-sex relationships:

Bishop's Letter on Resolution A049 and Same-Gender Blessings

Position Paper: Yes to Bless, or Same-Sex Marriage for All?


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Addresses - Letters

Title Date
Easter message 2017 04/14/17
Enriching Our Worship - Bp's g/l 03/02/2017
2016 Advent message 11/28/2016
2016 Pastoral Address 10/08/2016
2016 Easter Sermon 03/27/2016
2015 Convention Sermon 10/17/2015
2015 Lenten Message 02/13/15
2014 Easter Message 04/17/14
2014 Epiphany  Message 01/07/2014
Parish Debt Reduction Plan 2013
2012 Convention Address 10/13/2012
2013 Recovery Ministries keynote  04/04/2013